Monthly Archives: January 2018

Marginalised groups – beliefs

This is the third blog in a series looking at results from recent research undertaken with partners in East Africa to determine how COCO is working inclusively to ensure all children have equal access to education. There are other blogs on gender and disability, and there’ll soon be one on sexuality. Unfortunately, children from marginalised…
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Partnership with Newcastle International Film Festival

We are very excited to be the chosen charity for the first ever Newcastle International Film Festival (NiFF)! Both NiFF and COCO are proudly based here in the North East, but have a global reach and outlook. The Newcastle International Film Festival is a four day event taking place across venues throughout Newcastle-upon-Tyne between March 29th…
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Marginalised groups – disabilities

This is the second blog in the marginalised groups series. COCO recently undertook research with our partners in East Africa to determine how well COCO is working to include groups that are often left behind. You can read the first blog on gender here, and blog on people with different beliefs and LGBTQ+ will follow.…
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10,350 meals!

Maasai Academy in Kenya established a Food Forest to grow food for their students and to generate income for the school. The garden is now in full swing and grows enough food for an amazing 10,350 meals every month! Food is one of the six elements of COCO's Schools for Life programme. In the remote communities…
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