Monthly Archives: February 2019

Lucy’s 15 Year’s at COCO

The 16th February 2019 marks 15 years of Lucy working at COCO! Over these years, she's done and experienced so much, having fun and forging friendships along the way! In honour of these 15 years, she's created a countdown of her fifteen favourite experiences at COCO. 1. Going back to South Africa in 2005 2.…
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Mirembeh! Get to know the Luhya language and culture

By Valtteri Nurminen, COCO volunteer This is the first part of our blog series celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages. This time we will introduce the Luhya language and culture! This blog would not be possible without our project partner, Isaac Lidaywa who contributed some of his prestigious time and provided translations to words…
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COCO Celebrates International Year of Indigenous Languages

This year the world celebrates the International Year of Indigenous Languages. It is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of preserving and promoting the diversity of languages and cultures. To celebrate this, COCO will publish a blog series introducing a few of the local languages spoken in the areas where COCO works. By Valtteri…
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