Treviso parkrun Adventure! – by Terry Welsh

When I saw that Team COCO international runner of this season was up for grabs, I checked out accessible parkrun venues in Europe. Found a Run. Found a flight there. Found a bed and breakfast nearby. Packed my kit and dictionary and scarpered off up to Edinburgh to catch a £24 Friday flight to Treviso in…
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International Day Of Persons With Disabilities

People with disabilities around many parts of the world have to overcome different disadvantages and barriers preventing them from fully participating in economic, civic and community life. This can be anything from inaccessible buildings, inadequate transport systems, reduced access to information and communication technology as well as lower level of funding for services. These disadvantages…
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Health Day Event

To generate income to invest into the local community, we are making use of Mbamba Bay’s main asset – the beautiful surroundings! Mbamba Bay is situated on the shore of Lake Nyasa in Tanzania. COCO has worked to acquire land on the beach, which is being developed into a sustainable lodge, restaurant and sustainable agriculture…
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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a procedure which involves the deliberate circumcision or altering of female genitalia. It is a painful process, which has no health benefits. In most cases, FGM is highly unsanitary, performed by cutters who lack medical knowledge and improvise with unwashed tools such as razor blades, scissors and scalpels. More alarmingly,…
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