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Idhi nade? Get to know the Luo language and culture.

By Valtteri Nurminen, COCO volunteer This is the second blog of our blog series celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages. Last week we introduced Luhya language, if you have not had time yet to read that blog, you can do it here. This blog will present the Luo language and culture! Before starting, I…
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COCO Celebrates International Year of Indigenous Languages

This year the world celebrates the International Year of Indigenous Languages. It is celebrated to raise awareness of the importance of preserving and promoting the diversity of languages and cultures. To celebrate this, COCO will publish a blog series introducing a few of the local languages spoken in the areas where COCO works. By Valtteri…
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Jeff to cycle Kenya for COCO!

One of the faces of North East TV is helping an international children’s charity by tackling a 200-mile cycling challenge in Africa later this year.  Jeff Brown, who presents Look North on BBC1, has signed up for the Victoria Cycle Challenge, an initiative being run by North East based international children’s charity COCO (Comrades of…
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Happy Jamhuri Day!

Today, Kenya celebrates Jamhuri Day. The day has a double meaning, in 1963 it marked independence and freedom from the British Empire, and in 1964 it was the day when Kenya joined the Commonwealth as a republic. The following blog looks at the history and presence of Kenya and what COCO does there. Kenya’s history…
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