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Happy Jamhuri Day!

Today, Kenya celebrates Jamhuri Day. The day has a double meaning, in 1963 it marked independence and freedom from the British Empire, and in 1964 it was the day when Kenya joined the Commonwealth as a republic. The following blog looks at the history and presence of Kenya and what COCO does there. Kenya’s history…
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Fantastic progress at FOCUSSA

There’s a hill that you have to go over when approaching FOCUSSA Primary School. As you reach the brow of the hill, you can look down at the school site. On my bus journey to Matayos, in western Kenya, I was imagining reaching the brow of the hill and seeing how much had changed since…
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FOCUSSA Appeal Update

In April, we launched an appeal to our supporters. The email explained that a classroom block at FOCUSSA Primary School had collapsed due to poor weather. The school faced closure due to having insufficient facilities. The response from our supporters was phenomenal. Within a few days of the appeal being launched, we had generated sufficient…
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More Exam Success!

The good news keeps rolling in the COCO office! Fresh from the news of Hoja Secondary graduates achieving the best results in the region, two other Schools for Life have achieved pleasing results. Kindimba Secondary School was only opened in January 2015, yet the school is already achieving the 4th highest results of 69 schools in…
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