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The Importance of Education – Oswin Mahundi

Part of the reason that COCO has such a positive impact overseas for such a small organisation is because of the passion that everyone who supports COCO has for providing brighter futures for children across the world. Oswin Mahundi, COCO’s Tanzanian Programmes Director definitely shares this passion, and puts in to words so well the…
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My visit to the UK – Oswin Mahundi

Visiting the UK is always very educational for me, and has huge benefits for the communities that I work with and visit in East Africa when I return home. One of the things I learnt on this trip is the importance of good communication and positive interactions between students and teachers in quality of learning. …
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Fifth time top of the region!

Hoja Secondary has once again achieved excellent results in the National Examination of Secondary Education and has been awarded the best in form four examinations in the region by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Tanzania.  The results were from examinations taken in November 2016. Hoja Secondary achieved the top results out of 185 registered schools in…
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London Charity Dinner

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