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COCO’s Schools for Life programme in a global context

A brief blog on my Masters dissertation – Jess Hamer I finished my Masters in International Politics (Globalisation, Poverty and Development) in August, and was lucky enough to write my final dissertation on COCO’s Schools for Life programme.  I went to Ruvuma, Tanzania where Oswin, Elisha and Max from Hoja Project kindly helped me undertake…
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World Teachers Day

Geoffrey was supported by Hoja Project when he was at school, and after graduating from university has decided to come back and help more children by becoming a teacher at the new Hoja Teacher Training and Learning Centre.

Isabelle’s Story

This summer I was due to climb Kilimanjaro with Durham Universities Charities Committee as deputy leader of the expedition. It was a wonderful prospect to have the opportunity to travel to Tanzania and raise funding for COCO who promote education for all in East Africa. I was also looking forward to the challenge as somebody…
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Jess visits Tanzania

By Jess Hamer I have been working with COCO for about five years now, for four years as a volunteer during university holidays and for a year working part-time as COCO’s Communications and Development Officer.  Throughout that time, I’ve heard and written about COCO’s projects a lot; I’ve always loved hearing stories about the success…
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