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Uganda’s Independence Day – Valtteri Nurminen

Last week, Uganda celebrated its Independence Day. This year it marked the 56th year of freedom from the British Empire. The following article provides a short glimpse of Uganda’s often turbulent history and tells how the country celebrates its Independence Day. Uganda endured colonialism for almost a hundred years. The famous Sir Henry Morgan Stanley…
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Throwback to Kidron School

In honour of #ThrowbackThursday, we thought we'd feature one of our past project partners and look back on what we achieved. This week, it's Kidron School near Jinja, Uganda, which COCO partnered with between 2007 and 2010. The school originated from an enthusiastic kind hearted man John Mukuya Shiundu who started the school with funds…
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Christmas in Uganda, by Lorenzo Wareham

Christmas in the UK and the wider western world is a time of relaxation spent with family where eating, drinking and gift giving are the major parts of the holiday. As December comes around, the festive spirit hits the streets of the UK with bright lights, Christmas trees and decorations, not to mention the constant…
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Brad begins to explore Uganda!

This is my first visit to Uganda. Since my arrival I have witnessed many similarities between Uganda and its neighbours Tanzania and Kenya. That said, I have also noticed subtle differences. For example, upon arriving at Entebbe Airport, I noticed the friendly, laid-back attitude of the general population even extended to immigration personnel and airport…
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