Gallery 3

  • Hoja Solar Classroom

    Hoja Solar Classroom

    One way in which Hoja Secondary has set itself apart from other schools in Tanzania is through the use of…

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  • Kindimba Photo Gallery

    Kindimba Photo Gallery

    Here is a selection of pictures from Kindimba Secondary. We hope you enjoy them, keep checking back as the school…

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  • Entrepreneurship


    Many young people have insufficient skills relevant to helping them to find employment. This not only results in high unemployment…

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  • Sport & Recreation

    Sport & Recreation

    Recreation cultivates great friendship and encourages social interaction. Team sports and competition promote motivation and enthusiasm whilst also creating a…

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  • Food


    Growing food forests and providing training in sustainable agriculture allows children to eat nutritious food, whilst learning of the importance…

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  • Water & Sanitation

    Water & Sanitation

    Safe drinking water is essential for good academic performance and attendance at school. Clean water means less illness caused by…

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  • Optimized-Sun King Pro in Arusha (3)


    Only a quarter of Africans have access to electricity, this drops to 10% in rural areas. In rural Tanzania, the…

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  • Optimized-2009 07 Nkwawangya RC (1)


    In order for children to be able to work and focus effectively, they must be provided with good quality classrooms.…

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  • Matilda


    Matilda lives with her two children, the eldest of whom is 12 with the other being five. To provide for…

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