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  • Optimized-2009 07 Nkwawangya RC (1)


    In order for children to be able to work and focus effectively, they must be provided with good quality classrooms.…

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  • Matilda


    Matilda lives with her two children, the eldest of whom is 12 with the other being five. To provide for…

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  • Margaret


    Margaret lives in Lower Kachola which is located on the hillside overlooking Lake Victoria. She lives with 7 family members…

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  • Peter


    “Our school motto is education is light. Education is the beginning of everything. You have to go to school to…

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  • Anusiata


    Anusiata is a 49 year old single mother from Mpandangindo, a remote region in Southern Tanzania. Anusiata received a small…

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  • Bond


    COCO is a proud member of Bond International Development Network. Bond provide technical support and training to COCO, as well…

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  • Munanka


    Munanka is 11 years old and is in Class 7 at Maasai Academy in Olorte, a remote village on the…

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  • Damas & Condrada

    Damas & Condrada

    Damas and Condrada are siblings and next door neighbours, living in a village called Litisha, close to Songea in southern…

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  • Bahati


    Bahati is 45 years old and lives with her 5 children in a small village called Kitanda in Southern Tanzania. Bahati…

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  • Rukia


    Rukia is 27 years old and lives in the village of Kitanda in Southern Tanzania. She heard about the Hoja…

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  • Volunteer


    If you are looking for a way to enhance your CV, gather some extra skills or maybe you want to…

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  • Societies


    COCO have great student societies set up at different universities across the North East, and throughout the academic year students…

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