Benefits and cost

Team COCO is the charity's virtual running club - a group of friendly, welcoming runners of all different ages and abilities with a shared love of running and making a difference! By running in Team COCO colours, you are representing COCO and spreading the word about the work we do as well as directly supporting children in East Africa.

Benefits to you:

  • Access to our Team COCO Facebook group to share stories and motivate one another, joining the virtual Team COCO family
  • Compete against other members across the world and see your name in our league tables
  • Take part in special virtual competitions
  • A monthly e-newsletter with tips, advice and news from other members
  • Benefits to being an England Athletics Affiliated runner - including discount entry in most races, running gear and even hotels (more info here)
  • Exclusive access to COCO fundraiser discounts throughout the year
  • A free Team COCO running vest*
  • Priority entry to COCO places in running events including Great North Run and London Marathon
  • The knowledge that you are helping children in East Africa access quality education


There are two membership strands for England Athletics clubs - first and second claim membership. The costs from April 2019 are as follows:

First claim membership - £20

These are full members of Team COCO, who predominantly run for us. This covers:

  • £15 individual affiliation fee
  • £3 towards club affiliation fee (which costs Team COCO £150)
  • £2 optional donation to COCO
Second claim membership - £5

This is for those already a member of a different running club who don't wish to change to another club, but would like to represent Team COCO in some races and join the Team COCO family. Second claim membership costs £5, which covers:

  • £3 towards club affiliation fee (which costs Team COCO £100)
  • £2 optional donation to COCO

Join now

*Free to first claim members, £10 to second claim members.



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