Be Our Team COCO Christmas Cracker

How to enter and win a worthless prize and everlasting glory!

How it works: Every Team COCO member who has taken part in a parkrun this year (registered for Team COCO!)  will be given a handicap based on their performance over the year.  The slower the runner, the better the handicap!  You will be sent the full handicap list after December 16th  ready for the competition to begin on the 21st.

Warning: The handicaps will be controversial... but what is Christmas without complaining 'That's not fair, I want what they've been given!' ?
It's all about having some friendly fun and competition to close the year, so enjoy!

Handicap scores will be combined with your best Christmas and New Year finishing time, to find the winner of this year's Team COCO Christmas Cracker!

What you need to do:

First of all: make sure you have run in a parkrun before December 16th.  You need your time and club (Team COCO!) to be shown on the parkrun website.

Then: turn up for any parkrun over the Christmas period!  They will be happening all over the world on Saturday 21st and Saturday 28th December, so just check out the parkrun website.  Some places will even be having extra parkruns on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, if you really want to go crackers! Check them out here.

Run in as many parkruns as you like, anywhere you like, between December 21st and January 1st. (Don’t forget your barcodes, otherwise your time won’t get recorded!) The Team COCO Christmas Elves will check everyone's times and find each runner's best time for those dates. The best time will be added to the handicap, and hey presto! We will announce a winner in the New Year!

An example:

Solomon Grundy is Team COCO leader and king of the parkrun, having clocked 17 minutes at Cardiff parkrun earlier this year. He gets scratch (0) on the handicap -  that means he gets no time taken off any parkrun completed at Christmas. 

Humpty Dumpty ran Durham parkrun earlier this year in 36 minutes. Being 19 minutes slower than the Team COCO leader means Humpty gets a handicap of 19, so Humpty will get 19 minutes taken off his best parkrun time during the festive period.

So: Solomon Grundy runs 18 minutes in Barry Island on Christmas Day, and Humpty Dumpty runs 35 minutes in Newbiggin by the Sea on New Year's Day. Solomon gets nothing taken off his time, but Humpty gets 19 minutes taken off, turning the 35 minutes into 16 minutes.  Humpty Dumpty has triumphed! Our eggy friend has smashed Solomon Grundy's time by 2 minutes in the Christmas Cracker competition - champioooon!

But wait - there's more!

There will also be a Team COCO Christmas Elf title up for grabs, combining the scores from the Summer Scorcher, Easter Bunny and Christmas Cracker competitions - so those who perform consistently and take part in multiple competitions will be rewarded over time! The winner is awarded 11 points, second place gets 10 points, third place gets 9 points, and so on down to one point for everyone who took part.
Helen Hedley has dominated the points competitions in 2019, but there are a lot of potential Elves waiting to take over.... could you be one of them??

We will let you know the leaders via Facebook during Christmas week, so make sure you are in the Team COCO group. The winner will be the runner who comes first after all the time deductions have been taken from everybody's best run.  They will win the glory of being Team COCO Christmas Cracker of 2019, and a wonderfully pointless prize will be sent to them from Team COCO HQ. Hurrah!

Enjoy the festive runs, and have fun!



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