Eusebius is 28 years old and graduated from Muungano VTC at Hoja Secondary School in 2010. Eusebius chose to attend the VTC to study tailoring so that he could develop a marketable skill, which would enable him to generate income. He also hoped that he would be able to help others to develop the same skills in the future.

When he was at the VTC, Eusebius explains that he was taught very well and received nutrious food. In fact, he says that he can’t say anything bad about his time at the VTC!

Since graduating, Eusebius acquired a sewing machine, from there he was able to generate income to buy additional machines. Eusebius now has a total of 3 sewing machines. This has enabled Eusebius to take on 5 apprentices, who pay a small contribution of 30,000 TSH per year in exchange for Eusebius training them.

With his 3 machines, Eusebius is able to generate up to 20,000 TZS each day. This is enough for him, his wife and his three children to live comfortably, though he would like to earn even more so that he can build a nicer home for them to live in. His 3 children are 11, 8 and 3 years old, with 2 being boys and the other being a girl. The 2 older children are in primary school, whilst the youngest is in nursery.

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