Grace Akoth

“After my loan I am able to provide for my family as a female single parent. I take sole responsibility. I am a role model for other women in the community.”

Grace received a small loan of 20,000 KES (approximately £160), which she used to purchase cereals such as beans, green grams and rice to sell.

Before her loan, Grace was selling firewood, for which she was able to generate 1,000 KES (approximately £8) per week. After receiving her loan, Grace generates 2,000 KES (approximately £16) per week from her business.

Her additional income enables Grace to pay school fees for her three children, all of whom are studying at Mercy Primary School. Bruno Otieno is in pre-unit, Sharon Atieno is in class two and Cynthia Atieno is in class four. Grace now has “no problem” paying school fees for her children.

Grace believes that her loan has greatly empowered her, particularly as a single parent.

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