Lightness Leony Mwanjala

“It is not a time to look down on women, community is supposed to give them a chance and see what they are capable of, Hoja is the good example as they empowered us”

Lightness Leony Mwanjala is 38 years old, a mother of two children, one son known as Daniel a form five student at Beroya secondary school and one daughter known as Dorcas a university student in teaching course. She lives with her husband who is driver of long vehicles which transport goods from one region to another. She used money from the business to send her husband for driving course.

Before receiving her loan she was a farmer and her husband was selling charcoal. They could not afford school fees and were getting two meals a day. She used her loan to buy 50 chicks and the profit has helped to buy 3 pigs. She also used her profits to attend training on how to make envelopes which she sells in hospitals and pharmacies.

In the future, Lightness plans to increase the number of livestocks with cows and goats so as to be able to sell milk and increase her profit. She also plans to be the distributor of piglets to the new live stockers.

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