Luciana Haule

Luciana Haule is 44 years old and received a small loan of 50,000 TZS in January 2016. Luciana used her loan to establish a restaurant at her home in Kituro, a village around 15km from Songea Town in southern Tanzania.

Luciana first used her loan to buy wheat flour, sugar, cooking oil and a thermos flask, which enabled her to expand her business selling tea and local doughnuts called mandazi. Having reinvested some of the income generated by her breakfast menu, Luciana has now been able to begin selling rice and ugali with meat and vegetables for lunch and dinner.

Before receiving her loan, Luciana would generate 6,000 TZS in income each day from selling a small amount of tea and doughnuts. This has now more than doubled to 12,000 TZS to 15,000 TZS each day.

Luciana explains that the extra income has enabled her to meet basic necessities for her and her family; in her family she has a husband, 3 girls and 2 boys. Her children range from 1 year old to 18 years old; the youngest is too young to go to school, 1 child is at nursery, 1 at primary and 2 are planning to study at a vocational training centre (VTC) shortly.

Luciana’s loan has been very successful, though she explains that she occasionally struggled to repay on time. If possible, Luciana would like a larger loan of 300,000 TZS to expand her business in the future.

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