Spring season results

The consolidated club report from Team COCO is here.

parkrun PBs Summer Season (July 1st - September 30th)

Who will be Team COCO champions of the Summer season?

PositionNameBest parkrun timeTime improvement from last quarterAge/gender related score
1Jim Panton19.57 Edinburgh-0.4572.77
2Dave Hooper21.37 Durham-0.1263.15
3Mark Herkes23.34 Durham-1.0754.85
4Eric Green23.53 Durham-0.362.25
5Simon Graham24.10 Durham +1.2454.90
6Jennifer Jennings24.13 Darlington+0.161.11
7Debbie McFarland27.01 Riverside-0.3753.56
8Karen Hooper27.48 Sedgefield+1.0355.34
9Carsten Staehr28.43 Newcastle+7.0653.05
10Terry Welsh31.30 Newcastle-1.5553.51
11Caitlin Mooney32.05 Durham-1.3846.13
12Neil Jennings35.12 Durham-7.3542.57
13Elaine Jennings37.13 Durham-3.2447.38
14Laura Jackson42.48 Bushy Park-5.0435.36

To find out more about the age/gender grading system here

parkrun Team COCO

WINNERS Spring  April 1st-June 30th

Fastest Runner

Jim Panton

Fastest Woman

Jennifer Jennings

Top Graded Score

Jim Panton

Biggest Improvement

Carsten Staehr

Top International Runner ( outside current United Kingdom)

Still up for grabs for September!


Power of 10  Events Spring Season


1Kenneth Ives40.31 London PB!
2Dave Hooper46.09 Ovingham
3Mark Herkes48.26 Ovingham PB!
4Simon Graham48.27 Ovingham PB!
5Debbie McFarland55.27 Ovingham PB!
6Karen Hooper60.18 Ovingham PB!
7Terry Welsh61.04 Billingham
8Sally German62.09 Bristol PB!
9Carsten Staehr62.31 Sunderland PB!
10Helen Hedley63.54 Darlington PB!
11Neil Jennings70.12 Durham
12Elaine Jennings75.18 Dalton PB!
13Caitlin Mooney75.54 Blyth

Half Marathon

1 Jim Panton 1.29 Edinburgh
2 Neil Jennings 2.14. Sunderland   PB  !!
3 Colin Gill 2.23 St Leonards
4 Carsten Staehr 2.35. Ponteland  PB !!
5 Caitlin Mooney 2.36  Edinburgh


1 Jim Panton 3.23.10 Edinburgh
2 Karen Hooper 4.44. Liverpool   PB!!
3 Karen Watson 4.49.  Edinburgh
4 Colin Gill 5.11 Ballabeg

Team COCO Power of Ten Leaders  2017


Men   Kenneth Ives  Women Debbie McFarland


Half Marathon 

Men Jim Panton Women Caitlin Mooney


Men Jim Panton   Women Karen Hooper

These times and results are all taken from the Power of 10 and parkrun websites.  If you have done a race that we haven't picked up, please let us know and we'll add you in - don't want you to miss out on a title!  Some races with unusual distances (e.g. Blaydon Race), aren't included.

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