Rehema is 28 years old and graduated from Muungano VTC at Hoja Secondary School in 2010. Rehema chose to attend the VTC as she thought it would help her in her life, this has been proven correct as she is now able to keep children, support her unemployed husband and meet her basic needs.

When she was at the VTC, Regema generally liked the way that the teacher was teaching her. She explains that this is the reason why she had so much success and says that there is nothing that the VTC could do to improve.

Since graduating. Rehema received a small loan for her first machine. Once she had repaid this loan using income from her business, Rehema then diversified by purchasing a sweater making machine and buying second hand clothes to sell in her store. In total, Rehema’s business now generates between 500,000 TZS and 600,000 TZS each month.

This income enables Rehema to provide for her husband, her 2 children who are boys aged 8 and 5 years old. She is even able to provide excellent education for the older of her children by paying for him to attend a private boarding school costing 1.7M TZS each year. Rehema has also acquired some land on which she would like to build a house and a motorbike, which she wishes to run as a business to further enhance her income.

Rehema hopes that her success will empower other women living in the local area; “As a woman I am very happy for the success I have and I am planning on helping others to enjoy the same success”.

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