Saloyai Ngabualis

Saloyai Ngabualis is 13 years old and is the head girl at Maasai Academy, a remote primary school in the village of Orlote, Kenya.

She really enjoys going to school and thinks that Maasai Academy is particularly good as there are books to read and lunch is provided. This is unlike the local government primary school where many students only attend school in the morning and then have to travel home for lunch. Saloyai finds school hard apart from science which is her favourite subject and she finds easy.

She lives very close to school in Enkare-Nanyokie village and walks in each day with her friends. Before school Saloyai has no responsibilities at home but after school she sweeps her house and washes the cups. At the weekend she helps her mother to wash the clothes and look after her younger brothers and sisters. Her favourite games to play at home are football and skipping ropes, with her friends who live nearby.

Saloyai lives at home with her mother, father, 3 sisters and 3 brothers. Both of her parents attended school and all of her siblings go to school at Maasai Academy, apart from one who is at Orlote primary school and one who is too young.

In the future Saloyai would love to become a doctor as she thinks it is a very important job and wants to help people. She will continue to work hard at primary school and then at secondary school in order to be able to achieve this.

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