Victoria Cycle Challenge 2019

Date: 26th October to 2nd November 2019

Target: £2,750 + £250 non-refundable deposit

Contact: [email protected] or 0191 261 7427


Read the info pack or this blog on the challenge

Join Steve Cram on the new Victoria Cycle Challenge! This exciting route was developed after the success of the Maasai Cycle Challenge. Similar in difficulty, this challenge takes in new sights, gives the opportunity to meet new cultures and ends with a visit COCO School for Life, Mercy Primary, where your fundraising will be invested.

The challenge is 284km, with a total elevation of 3,640m, and travels through diverse landscapes. Early in the cycle you will travel through areas rich in wildlife where you are likely to see antelope, zebra, giraffe, buffalo, elephants and, if you're lucky, lions. In the later stages you will move from Maasailand into lush, green Luoland, finishing on the shores of Lake Victoria.

"From the incredible proximity with the wildlife to the indescribable vistas, from the countless smiles of the friendly locals to the unique way of absorbing a foreign land, this journey has been unforgettable. I've a lot to thank COCO for, though I hope my fundraising will help with that! Its only been a couple of days since we reached the lake and I can already say with certainty that I'll be back."

- Will Whitaker, 2018 Victoria Cycle Participant.



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