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Elizabeth is in class 1 at FOCUSSA Primary School. She likes coming to school because she likes her teachers. Her favourite subject is Kiswahili. When she is older she would like to teach Kiswahili. In her spare time, she likes playing outside and doing her homework. She is the second youngest of five children in her…
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FOCUSSA Photo Gallery

A selection of photos from FOCUSSA Primary School. As well as lots of happy smiling faces, you'll also see the collapsed classroom which has now been replaces thanks to funds raised in an urgent appeal last year. The new classrooms have solar power and water harvesting fitted, and new toilet blocks have been built with…
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Joseph Mukadi

Joseph is 61 years old and is the headteacher and Class Three teacher. Joseph enjoys working at FOCUSSA as he likes interacting with small children, particularly as he lives with children of the same age. Joseph previously told COCO that slow food production was an issue at FOCUSSA.  The school now has a food forest which has…
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Bridgit Adjambo

Bridgit is an eight year-old girl, who is in class three. Bridgit is an orphan and has attended FOCUSSA for four years. She enjoys attending FOCUSSA as she gets lunch, learns and is able to play with her friends. Bridgit’s favourite subject is English. Whilst she loves coming to FOCUSSA each day, she wishes that…
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