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Lack of Teachers

Unfortunately, not all schools perform as well as Schools for Life. We would like to spread the impact of Schools for Life into the wider education system, to enable more school students to benefit. Common criticisms of education in Tanzania are high student to teacher ratios, a lack of skilled and motivated teachers and a…
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Education Gap

Whilst the Schools for Life programme offers an exceptional standard of education, it does not offer the final step for students to access top University courses and jobs. To access top jobs and University courses, students have to complete a final 2 years of education. This is very similar to Sixth Form in the UK.…
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Many young people have insufficient skills relevant to helping them to find employment. This not only results in high unemployment for young people, but also means that the economy cannot grow as fast without the talent of young people. Schools for Life promotes group debate and participation, as well as training in vocational skills, nurturing…
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Only a quarter of Africans have access to electricity, this drops to 10% in rural areas. In rural Tanzania, the number is even lower, where only 2% of people have access to electricity. Lighting in rural Africa usually comes from kerosene lamps, which are dangerous to health, expensive to fuel, and harmful to the environment.…
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