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Hoja Sustainable Agriculture Training

COCO, alongside partners The Hoja Project, has been providing sustainable agriculture training to members of the community since 2011. Sustainable agriculture training has had a hugely positive impact on several communities in rural Africa. The training involves using simple, cheap and environmentally friendly techniques to increase crop yield and thus income, allowing families to put food on…
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Sport & Recreation

Recreation cultivates great friendship and encourages social interaction. Team sports and competition promote motivation and enthusiasm whilst also creating a healthy lifestyle. Schools for Life offer children the opportunity to enjoy sport and recreational activities, producing healthy and happy well-rounded children with confidence and skills both inside and outside the classroom. The UN promotes sport…
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Water & Sanitation

Safe drinking water is essential for good academic performance and attendance at school. Clean water means less illness caused by unsanitary drinking water amongst students and teachers. Easy access to water saves time previously used walking long distances to collect water; and can be used to water plants for food. Sanitation is also essential for…
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Damas & Condrada Fussi

Damas and Condrada are siblings and next door neighbours, living in a village called Litisha, close to Songea in southern Tanzania. Damas and Condrada are both farmers who received training in sustainable agriculture training. Since being trained in sustainable agriculture techniques, Damas has been able to increase his annual income from under 600,000TSH (approximately £214)…
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