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What Will My Fundraising Achieve?

£5 - Secondary School Text Book Text books help teachers to ensure lessons follow the national curriculum, which enables students to perform well in competitive national exams. £10 - 25 Maths Sets Functional equipment is essential to gaining a proper understanding of this key subject. £25 - Water for the Garden A watering can enables gardens to remain…
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School Partnerships

COCO facilitates partnerships between schools in the UK and those across East Africa. School partnership provides a mutually beneficial education programme. Linking activities in the past have included the exchange of ‘Flat Stanley’ drawings and questions to children, phone calls and the exchange of photos. By linking with one of our communities the pupils in your school will learn…
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Assemblies & Activities

If your school is interested in supporting COCO we are able to come in and deliver assemblies to your pupils. The assemblies can be tailored to a specific COCO project or give a general overview of COCO and the communities we work with. During our assemblies we encourage the children to engage through a series…
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