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"Loans are not a gift. Only take one if you are prepared to repay it." Jane is 56 years old and lives in Luanda in Western Kenya. She has six children who have now grown up and left home and is now caring for three orphans. She received a loan of approximately £150 in January…
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Marigoleth Samuel Ntanga

"I am very happy in my heard and I am even happy in my body too." Marigoleth is 45 years old. She lives in Tanga in Southern Tanzania with her three children. In 2014 her life changed when she received a small loan of less than £20 which she used to set up a restaurant.…
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Prisca Makombe

 “My life has completely changed. One thing I am thanking god for is that I am completely independent. Loans can lift up a person. Without a loan I would not be where I am now” 23 year old Prisca received a small loan of less than £20 in 2000. Her income has increased by 10 times!…
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Moses Stefano Nindi

Moses Stefano Nindi is 47 years old and received a small loan of 50,000 TZS in January 2015. Initially, Moses used his loan to begin a clothes selling business, but changed his business to rear pigs. Moses currently has 2 pigs which he breeds once each year. Last year, the 2 pigs had a total…
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