Portfolio Category: Small Loans

Moses Stefano Nindi

Moses Stefano Nindi is 47 years old and received a small loan of 50,000 TZS in January 2015. Initially, Moses used his loan to begin a clothes selling business, but changed his business to rear pigs. Moses currently has 2 pigs which he breeds once each year. Last year, the 2 pigs had a total…
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Theodosia Emmanuel

Theodosia Emmanuel is 30 years old and received a loan of 50,000 TZS in January 2016. Theodosia used her loan to establish a shop in Songea Town which mainly sells drinks. Her loan was initially used to buy stock of bottled water, after reinvesting the profits from the water, Theodosia was also able to sell…
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Editha Isdori Kigora

“Women are not weak trust us because WE CAN.” Editha Isdori Kigora is 48 years old and a single mother of one son who is 27 years, and received a small loan from COCO to set up a business. Before receiving her loan, she used to collect charcoal from Mpandangindo village and sell to town. However,…
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George Luoga

George is 35 years old and received a small loan of 50,000 TZS in January 2016. George used the funds from his loan to expand the items on sale from his shop in the village of Kituro, which is approximately 15km from Songea Town. Before his loan, George has a business selling groundnuts, fish, vegetables…
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