Personal Stories

  • Aika


    5-year-old Aika Baraka is the eldest daughter of Malaika, the director of Kids are Kings learning centre. Within her family,…

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  • Anusiata


    Anusiata is 7 years old and lives in the village of Mbinguni in the Nyasa region of Southern Tanzania. She…

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  • Flora


    10-year-old Flora lives in the village of Mbinguni in the Nyasa region of Southern Tanzania. She doesn’t currently go to…

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  • Michael


    6 year old Michael lives in the village of Mbinguni in the Nyasa Region of Southern Tanzania. He is currently…

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  • Jessica


    Jessica is 9 years old. She lives with her parents and four siblings in Mbinguni village in Southern Tanzania. She…

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  • Elizabeth


    Elizabeth is in class 1 at FOCUSSA Primary School. She likes coming to school because she likes her teachers. Her favourite…

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  • Jane


    "Loans are not a gift. Only take one if you are prepared to repay it." Jane is 56 years old…

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  • Marigoleth Samuel Ntanga

    Marigoleth Samuel Ntanga

    "I am very happy in my head and I am even happy in my body too." Marigoleth is 45 years…

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  • Prisca Makombe

    Prisca Makombe

     “My life has completely changed. One thing I am thanking god for is that I am completely independent. Loans can lift…

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  • Rose Nasimiyu

    Rose Nasimiyu

    Rose lives in Bwayi in Western Kenya.  Thanks to receiving sustainable agriculture training, she is now able to send her…

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  • Rosemary Jeremiah

    Rosemary Jeremiah

    7 year old Rosemary attends Kids are Kings Nursery in Tanzania.  Rosemary's favourite subject at nursery is English, and she…

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  • Rehema Ng’wvi

    Rehema Ng’wvi

    Rehema is 28 years old and graduated from Muungano VTC at Hoja Secondary School in 2010. Rehema chose to attend…

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