Monthly Archives: November 2015

World Teacher’s Day 2015

Earlier this month, UNESCO celebrated World Teacher’s Day. World Teacher’s Day provides an opportunity to thank and celebrate the life-changing work that education professionals conduct every day around the world. Events were held across the globe to celebrate the occasion. World Teacher’s Day is a great opportunity to thank our teachers, but we should not forget…
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Guest blog: Charlotte joins the COCO volunteers

Hi, I’m Charlotte! I am volunteering with COCO for the next few months and have come all the way from Germany to spend time with the COCO team. Here’s how I found out about COCO and what motivated me to volunteer… My parents Jutta and Mathias found the thing that makes their lives up –…
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Hunger and Healthy Living

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have set some ambitious targets for the global community to achieve. You can find an introduction to the SDGs on our previous blog post. The second and third goals focus on hunger and healthy living. Here at COCO, we know from experience that our aim of removing barriers to…
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