Monthly Archives: January 2017

In memory of Simon Rawcliffe

Simon Rawcliffe was a great supporter of COCO, who sadly passed away in 2013.  As a legacy to this great man, Simon’s wife Lisa and son Sam began fundraising for COCO in his memory.  This Christmas the ambitious target of £8000 was met! Lisa and Sam are very proud of what they have achieved, and…
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Beating the drought at Maasai Academy

Kenya is currently in the midst of a serious drought; rains failed in 2014 and were also poor in 2015 and 2016. The National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) estimates 1.3 Million lives are currently at risk. During my visit to Kenya, I lost count of the number of conversations concerning the lack of water and…
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Fantastic progress at FOCUSSA

There’s a hill that you have to go over when approaching FOCUSSA Primary School. As you reach the brow of the hill, you can look down at the school site. On my bus journey to Matayos, in western Kenya, I was imagining reaching the brow of the hill and seeing how much had changed since…
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