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By Lorenzo Wareham. Within the last decade the LGBT community and those who fight for the equal rights of gay and transsexual people across the world have made big strides towards equality. In recent years laws legalising same-sex marriage have been passed in many western countries including England, Scotland, Wales and the United States. These…
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COCO’s Schools for Life programme in a global context

A brief blog on my Masters dissertation – Jess Hamer I finished my Masters in International Politics (Globalisation, Poverty and Development) in August, and was lucky enough to write my final dissertation on COCO’s Schools for Life programme.  I went to Ruvuma, Tanzania where Oswin, Elisha and Max from Hoja Project kindly helped me undertake…
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My First Day As A COCO Volunteer – Lorenzo Wareham

Hi, my name is Lorenzo and I have just started volunteering at COCO as part of the career development module for final year students at Newcastle University. I study Geography here at Newcastle, a subject which, while I enjoy it immensely, does not directly lead into any particular job at the end of the three…
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“We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.” – Malala Yousafzai Today is International Day of the Girl, so a perfect time to discuss why we have to work hard to ensure girls are educated.  COCO works to improve access to quality education for girls, which not only includes giving them the academic…
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