Monthly Archives: October 2018

Small Loans in Development – Valtteri Nurminen

Microfinance provides chances for poor people – who cannot get regular bank loans – to chase their dreams and increase earnings by starting their own businesses. Microloans enable the poor people themselves to fight their way out of poverty, with their own terms and means. A recent study shows that increasing the distribution of microfinance…
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Today marks 25 years since the United Nations declared 17th of October as the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. But the history of the day traces back even further, to October 17th 1987, when over 100 000 people went to the streets of Paris responding to Father Joseph Wresinski’s call to end extreme…
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Uganda’s Independence Day – Valtteri Nurminen

Last week, Uganda celebrated its Independence Day. This year it marked the 56th year of freedom from the British Empire. The following article provides a short glimpse of Uganda’s often turbulent history and tells how the country celebrates its Independence Day. Uganda endured colonialism for almost a hundred years. The famous Sir Henry Morgan Stanley…
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