Monthly Archives: March 2020

A BIG ask from COCO

As the world enters uncertain times, we at COCO are doing our best to continue as usual so that the schools and communities we work with are protected. We usually prioritise sharing good news with you, as we think we could all benefit from positivity, but today we have a request... We are all concerned about…
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Why I’m a regular donor

Regular giving is so important to COCO, providing a reliable source of income so that we can plan effectively and support our partner schools and communities in East Africa in the best way. COCO has an amazing group of 46 regular donors, some of whom have shared below why they choose to support COCO. "I'm…
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Climate Change and Schools for Life

COCO is committed to reducing harmful impacts on the environment. To do so, COCO incorporates environmentally friendly and sustainable techniques into our School for Life elements! In terms of shelter, COCO uses locally-sourced materials – reducing our carbon footprint in needing to transport materials. These locally-sourced materials are sustainable and have minimal impact on the…
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