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Volunteering at COCO – Barbara Pressendo

My name is Barbara and I’ve been volunteering at COCO for four weeks as a fundraising admin. I study Theology and Religion at Durham University but in my spare time developed a strong interest in International Development after being President of the International Development Society. I wanted to learn more about the inner workings of…
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PreSchools for Life!

Pre-school education is a very important stage of a child’s development, by the age of five, 90% of a child’s brain has already developed. It helps children make friends and prepare for formal education, and equal, affordable access can help close the inequality gap. In Tanzania, only 34% of pre-primary children are in school. There…
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The Importance of Gender Empowerment through Education and Opportunities

One of the many interlinked issues that COCO is working to alleviate is gender inequality. Such discrimination is often deeply ingrained into community life. Many members, without proper education and knowledge, fail to understand the positive impact women can have on society. There have, unfortunately, been some abhorrent stories about the treatment of women in…
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Interning at COCO: Dominic Scruton

Over July 2019 I commenced on a 3-week internship at COCO in Digital Marketing. I have also just finished my undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Economics at Durham University. My role has involved updating and assisting with website design, writing engaging blogs and writing reports for improvement of the website and marketing campaigns. Before joining…
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