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COCO Celebrated International Women’s Day!

COCO celebrated International Women's Day at Newcastle University Business School with our Head of Partnerships Oswin Mahundi, Susan Wear and Louisa Rogers. 82 people attended to listen to our key speakers, visit stalls and to discuss what is preventing #BalanceForBetter across the world. In total, attendees fund-raised £380 which will go to support our work…
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Mirembeh! Get to know the Luhya language and culture

By Valtteri Nurminen, COCO volunteer This is the first part of our blog series celebrating the International Year of Indigenous Languages. This time we will introduce the Luhya language and culture! This blog would not be possible without our project partner, Isaac Lidaywa who contributed some of his prestigious time and provided translations to words…
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World Religion Day

This Sunday the world will celebrate the “World Religion Day”. The day aims to build awareness of different cultures and religions and promote mutual understanding and tolerance between peoples from different backgrounds. This is especially important in contemporary times, as hatred, racism and intolerance are growing and causing more and more issues, such as hate…
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A Crop of Success

Here at COCO, we believe that education is vitally important. This is what forms the core of our mission. As part of this, we aim to achieve sustainability in each of the Schools for Life that we help with, frequently helping to improve nutrition and food security across the four schools. This can most efficiently…
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