Lucy’s 15 Year’s at COCO

The 16th February 2019 marks 15 years of Lucy working at COCO! Over these years, she's done and experienced so much, having fun and forging friendships along the way! In honour of these 15 years, she's created a countdown of her fifteen favourite experiences at COCO.

1. Going back to South Africa in 2005

2. Being given my first goat!

3. Graduation at Uru North!

4. Opening a classroom with Steve, one of our co-founders

5. Painting Londoto Primary

6. Arriving into Maasai Academy on my bike

7. Taking the 10 year banner to the top of Kilimanjaro

8. Making Chapatis with Oswin and Stella

9. Finding a bat in the toilet in the Eastern Usambara Mountains

10. The view from Enchora Naibor

11. Filming our projects with Kat

12. Meeting some Ghanian chiefs

13. Receiving my Maasai name

14. Opening Hoja Secondary

15. Hoja receiving the best results in the region for the first time!



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