A letter to Hoja Project

We were very excited to hear that Hoja Project, our main implementation partner in Tanzania received a letter of recognition from the government for their excellent work developing the Ruvuma region of Southern Tanzania.

Hoja Project has a great reputation in the region and has a good relationship with the government as a result, and by working together, helping one another and sharing knowledge, both government and non-governmental programmes can have a bigger impact. Here are a few quotes from the letter that was received, translated from Kiswahili into English.

"Hoja Project is one of only a few private institutions that have been recognised for their great contribution to the development of the region, in various areas, from education and social health to sustainable agriculture."

"The presence of Hoja schools [Schools for Life] has stimulated improvement of quality education. Sustainable Agriculture, Small Loans given by Hoja SACCOS and the HIV/AIDS information and education have enable the communities to develop."

"It is however our request that you should keep providing these services, with an emphasis on expanding the reach to other less developed districts, namely Namtumbo and Nyasa."

Congratulations to Hoja Director Oswin and the rest of the team for this award. The difference that Hoja Project is making in the region is amazing, and it is fantastic that this has been recognised by the government.



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