“Orange you glad you helped”

A group of nine students at Macmillan Academy in Middlesborough set up a charity business making and selling orange juice in the canteen, calling themselves "Juice Factory - Orange you glad you helped."  The group managed to raise a fantastic £2000 for COCO - thank you!

Entrepreneurship is one of the six elements of our Schools for Life programme, we believe that a good quality education is not only about academic results but about equipping children for the real world.  Our Schools for Life promote group debate and participation to help children develop their own ideas, as well as training in vocational subjects giving them the best possible chance for their future.  Through providing IGP loans to community members, COCO give people the tools to be able to increase their income and escape poverty themselves. The money raised will be spent on IGP, providing small loans and entrepreneurial training to help people set up their own business.

It is fantastic to see students in the UK developing these same entrepreneurial skills, whilst at the same time raising money to allow us to spread these important lessons to communities in rural Africa. The project has also allowed students at Macmillan Academy to learn about COCO and our programme partners, developing an understanding of the developing world and recognising the similarities between children in the UK and children in Africa. In November COCO's Tanzanian Programmes Director Oswin Mahundi visited the academy to talk to the children about his home in Mpandangindo and inspired them to raise money for COCO.

Dr David Wilson-Stonestreet of Macmillan Academy said, “I am very proud of the efforts of all of our enterprise students.  They have helped to raise such an amazing amount of money and brought further awareness to Macmillan Academy students as to how lucky they are that they have access to experiences and education that they can fortunately take for granted.  Moreover, they still have a resolute determination to raise more money next year, knowing that nearly 30,000,000 children in Sub-Saharan Africa don't go to school.”

Here is a video made by Macmillan Academy of the students' experience.



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