The Importance of Education – Oswin Mahundi

Part of the reason that COCO has such a positive impact overseas for such a small organisation is because of the passion that everyone who supports COCO has for providing brighter futures for children across the world. Oswin Mahundi, COCO’s Tanzanian Programmes Director definitely shares this passion, and puts in to words so well the ideas that everyone here at COCO shares about the importance of education.

Education is more than that acquired in the classroom and in the school.  It should be able to make a person live a happy life.

Education should not be just for making people employable by the government, private institutions or companies, but also should make a person have wider choice of employment, should be well equipped with entrepreneurship skills, vocational skills, and academics.

In schools, the curriculum should be a bit flexible to suit what a person would like to be in the future.  Right from primary level, academic subjects should go together with vocational subjects and exams should be more practical instead of making students memorise what their teacher wrote in the book.

The success of a school should be measured based on the success of school leavers, it is very important that schools properly equip students for the future not just teach them how to pass exams.

In Tanzania, sciences and business studies subjects should be prioritised as they will be most useful for the students’ futures. English should be the main language used in school from a Primary level, so that students are confident at the language in time to sit secondary exams which are all taken in English, and because English is often used in the workplace.

Education should bring a student to a real life situation and to be able to solve real life challenges.

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