2017 C2C Results Tables

The results are in!  Here are the team and individual results for the 2017 Coast to Coast. Congratulations to winning team "The Odd Squad", and to fastest rider Josh Holloway.

C2C Team Results

PositionTeamSpeed of slowest rider (including breaks)Speed of slowest rider (excluding breaks)Combined team speeds
1The Odd Squad15.4514:4742.42
2Danish Dynamite Destroyers17.1414:5342.47
3For FX Sake20.1418:1741.52
5Danish Dynamite20.5419:1449.26
6The Peloton BriefDisqualifiedDisqualifiedN/A
7The MagpiesDisqualifiedDisqualifiedN/A
8Spoke and MirrorsDisqualifiedDisqualifiedN/A

C2C individual results

NameTotal time on bike (excluding breaks from the time)Total time from start to finish each day (including breaks)
Josh Holloway11.1014.48
Oliver Rix12:2514.48
Gary Eden13:0015.17
Dean Norcup13:0214.58
Shaun Lowery13:1317.18
Andrew MacKenzie13:2214.59
Craig Gillespie13:3717.18
Anthony Clydesdale13:4816.21
Tom Stewart14:3315.45
Jennifer Wallace14:4715.45
Garry Oxley14:5216.21
Michael Hughes14:5317.14
Mark Blanshard16:2418.41
Carsten Staehr17:0019.46
Nick Kay18:1720.14
Linda Green19:0120.54
Jess McEvoy19:0120.54
Geoff Dorward19:0820.54
Rob Taylor19:0820.54
Ian Hornby19:1320.56
Alastair Green19:1420.54
David VaughanDisqualifiedDisqualified
Paul CapocciDisqualifiedDisqualified
Cavell WeatherleyDisqualifiedDisqualified