Team COCO Christmas Cracker Handicaps

The Team COCO Christmas Cracker and Christmas Elf results will be based on your best time at any parkrun between December 22nd and January 1st. Full details of the competitions here. 

If you think your name should be featured, please make sure you are registered as a Team COCO member with parkrun and email [email protected]

NameHandicap (Time taken off actual parkrun time for Christmas Cracker)Points score (Based on positions in last 2 handicaps at Easter and Summer to find the Christmas Elf)
Paul Bramley61 = 0+1
Samantha Crompton221 = 1+0
Jess Hamer144 = 0+4
Helen Hedley1111 = 0+11
Mark Herkes5.3010 = 8+2
Dave Hooper4.3014 = 6+8
Laura Jackson195 = 2+3
Jennifer Jennings910 = 9+1
Elaine Jennings1919 = 10+9
Neil Jennings186 = 5+1
Rachel Leigh-Firbank2212 = 11+1
Debbie McFarland1113 = 7+6
Caitlin Mooney131 = 0+1
Jim Panton2.3011 = 1+10
Roisin Plunkett612 = 5+7
Carsten Staehr111 = 0+1
Terry Welsh138 = 3+5
Christmas Cracker

Simply subtract the minutes in your box from your parkrun score to get your Christmas Cracker score. Leaderboards and regular updates will be posted on Facebook throughout the holiday season. Full details of the competition can be found here.

Previous winners:

Christmas 2017: Caitlin Mooney

Easter 2018: Rachel Leigh-Firbank

Summer 2018: Helen Hedley

Christmas Elf

The Team COCO points competition to reward consistency and to encourage you to run in the handicaps. Points are ordered Grand Prix style. The winner of the handicaps gets 11 points, the second 10 points down to the tenth 2 points and the rest 1 point for turning up.

Elaine, with good positions at Easter and in Summer will take some catching. But the handicapper may have got her this time, and any of the chasing pack could breakthrough.

And if you are too far behind to win the points competition this time, still give it your best shot. It will be best of the last three at Easter, which will take place no matter what happens with Brexit, and again in Summer.

Previous winners

Easter 2018:  Mark Herkes and Elaine Jennings

Summer 2018: Elaine Jennings

And here is the link to the all important list of parkruns taking place on Christmas Day and New Years Day. You might have to run twice on New Year morning if you are trailing the field.