Team COCO Easter Competition Results

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the Easter competition. Well done to the Easter Bunny competition winner Rachel and to the Easter Egg joint-winners Elaine and Mark! You can see the full breakdown of the results in the tables below.

Easter Bunny Competition

Each member who ran in a parkrun in 2018 was given a handicap and raced against their handicap on three Saturdays over the Easter period.

PositionNameparkrun timeEaster Bunny Time (time minus handicap)
1Rachel Leigh-Firbank40.00 (Riverside)17.30
2Elaine Jennings40.01 (Durham)19.31
3Jennifer Jennings25.04 (Riverside)19.34
4Mark Herkes23.07 (Riverside)19.37
5Debbie McFarland29.11 (Belfast Waterworks)19.41
6Dave Hooper21.09 (Durham)20.09
8Laura Jackson39.46 (Durham)20.13
7Roisin Plunkett23.43 (Prudhoe)20.16
9Neil Jennings36.31 (Durham)20.31
10Terry Welsh31.57 (Newcastle)20.57
11Karen Hooper34.29 (Durham)24.29
12Jim Panton26.3926.39

Easter Egg Competition

Members were given points for their postitions in the Easter Bunny and Christmas Cracker competitions, these combined points were used to give a final score.

PositionNameEaster Bunny PointsChristmas Cracker PointsTotal Score
1Elaine Jennings10515
1Mark Herkes8715
3Dave Hooper6814
4Jennifer Jennings9413
4Roisin Plunkett4913
6Rachel Leigh-Firbank11011
6Jim Panton11011
9Debbie McFarland7310
10Laura Jackson516
10Eric Green066
12Neil Jennings314
12Terry Welsh224
14Karen Hooper101
14Simon Graham011

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