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COVID-19 has faced both our beneficiaries and our supporters with challenges and uncertainty.

Please DONATE to our #NeverMoreNeeded appeal.

Help our communities in East Africa survive.

COVID-19 has shut schools, worsened poverty and increased teenage pregnancies in East Africa. Parents can't work, can't feed their children and can't buy medicine they desperately need.
We need your help to rebuild and reopen our communities.
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Schools in Kenya have been closed until 2021.
Help us get children back in school and keep our Schools for Life running safely.
Click here to see how COVID-19 has
affected children in COCO's Schools for Life.


Business is slow everywhere - but especially
in East Africa. Help our communities continue
building businesses and buying medicine.
Click here to find out more about how
your donation will help entrepreneurs.


Help our communities feed and support
themselves - now more than ever. Our training
increases income by 3 times on average.
Click here to find out why sustainable
agriculture is especially important right now.


Our theory of change

Communities want to provide quality

for their children, but

poverty and a lack of resources make

this impossible.

We can provide the support to make

this happen, but only with your help.

COCO provides quality education to children, and small loans and sustainable agriculture training to parents.

By using these methods together, we educate and empower entire communities to become self-sufficient, and bring themselves out of poverty. We give them the tools to support themselves, and pass on what they learn.

With your donations, COCO has directly impacted over 20,000 lives in the past year alone - but we've impacted many thousands more indirectly.
We need your help to do this again in 2020.

Create brighter futures today
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Last year you helped us:

educate 1586 children

provide 1806 small loans

train 250 farmers

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Chloe: "I am proud to say I have worked for COCO, a charity which I believe has mastered the most incredible approach to work; it inspires people to give instead of forcing them."

Jade: "Everyone in COCO’s team both here in the UK and overseas is really friendly, and it’s lovely to work alongside such dedicated people. Volunteers can make such a large contribution, and it is a really worthwhile experience."

Ian: "I've really enjoyed working at COCO, and have been really proud and happy to have been able to help out with some of COCO's projects. I'm still quite chuffed that I was able to be so involved."

See how our Schools for Life programme helps these children achieve their dreams

COCO's impact

Over the past year you helped COCO directly impact on 21,968 people.


What we believe

COCO believes that all children, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or economic circumstance should have the opportunity to receive an education.
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support us

You can support the work that we do by donating, taking part in one of our challenge events or by fundraising for us.

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Schools for Life

education for all

Launched in 2014, Schools for Life combines six elements to provide a sustainable source of excellent education for communities across East Africa.
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Our Impact

what we do

Find out about how COCO's work impacts local communities and helps children access an education.

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COCO's Schools for Life programme seeks to replicate the success of Hoja Secondary School across East Africa. Graduates from Hoja Secondary have achieved the best results of 185 schools in the region for the past 5 years!


COCO Chronicles

Find out about all the latest goings on from the COCO Team, our project partners in East Africa, and the amazing things our lovely supporters get up to!

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take part

COCO has a full programme of events and challenges for our supporters to get involved in, we have something for everyone!

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What you can do

make a difference

Find out more about what you can do and how far funds can go.

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