INVOKE Conference

The inaugural INVOKE Conference, Sustainable Futures Day, took place on 31st October at Cardinal Hume Catholic School. This page provides additional resources and links for students who took part, for schools teaching global development or for anyone else interested in issues of sustainable development and global poverty.

In today’s globalised world, the actions of each individual are important to ensuring everyone on the planet has a bright future. Global poverty is still a huge issue even now, in 2017. In order to create a sustainable planet, it is important that the next generation understands the part that they play and considers the ways in which everyone's lives around the globe are connected and how each action and decision made has an impact on the world.

The conference gave sixth form students the opportunity to hear from a variety of speakers on a range of important topics from renewable energy, to debates on the role of foreign aid in development. These workshops emphasised the importance of being a Global Citizen, enhancing and bringing to life topics of human geography, and helping to build students’ confidence, independent thinking and group learning.

The conference explored the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Everyone has a duty to reduce their negative impact on the planet, politically, socially, economically, ecologically and culturally. The sessions provoked discussion and debate on fundamental development issues, looking into the different ways we can all help to create a brighter future for everyone on our planet.

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