Agnes is 15 years old and studies in Form 1 at Kindimba Secondary School. Prior to Kindimba opening, over 80% of primary graduates in the local area were unable to continue their studies. Thankfully, Agnes was able to move to Kindimba straight after graduating from primary school.

Agnes’ family has six members; her mother and father, three siblings and herself. Her three siblings are currently studying in primary school, with Agnes being the only child to move into secondary school yet. Agnes hopes that her siblings will be able to attend Kindimba Secondary too.

When she is older, Agnes would like to become a nurse. She doesn’t feel that this would have been possible had she not been able to attend Kindimba Secondary, as the local government secondary school is expensive and performs poorly.

“If Kindimba wasn’t here, I am not sure I would have been able to continue my studies”

Agnes’ favourite subjects are Biology, Chemistry and Physics but she is not so keen on Maths; “when I am taught in class, I understand what is being said, but I forget when I am outside of lessons. I am planning on doing frequent exercises between lessons to improve.”

To improve Kindimba further, Agnes would like a vocational training centre (VTC) to be established as not all students would like to learn academic subjects. Though she favours academic subjects herself.

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