Anna’s Christmas Party

Anna Foat reached the summit of Kilimanjaro in 2015. To reach her £2,400 fundraising target, Anna put on several fundraising events alongside her medicine studies.

“I would have to say my most enjoyable fundraiser was an event I put on when I went back home over the Christmas holidays. The restaurant I work in offered to put on a free spread and a disco for the evening, then all I had to do was fill the venue!

I invited as many people as I could, bombarded Facebook begging people to come and went as far as inviting people from Secondary School that I hadn’t seen for a couple of years – somehow it was a massive success! I charged £3 on the door and it turned out to be a great night for everyone to find out how university and gap years had gone so far.”

As well as the event in Liverpool, Anna also spent a day dressed as a giraffe in the wind and rain on Princes Street in Edinburgh and turned her house into a production centre for rice krispie cakes to sell around Uni!



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