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If your school is interested in supporting COCO we are able to come in and deliver assemblies to your pupils. The assemblies can be tailored to a specific COCO project or give a general overview of COCO and the communities we work with. During our assemblies we encourage the children to engage through a series of questions and we try and demonstrate that COCO works with children just like them but that these children have different challenges due to poverty.

"The things that really moved me today where the video from the school in Londoto and our children's reply to this as well as the photograph updates of the work carried out over there to show the children what they themselves have made possible. I feel that these things not only show our children of what they have allowed to happen and the difference they have made but it also shows them the possibilities out there and what they are capable of achieving. Knowing you are raising money to go towards building a school kitchen is one thing but to see the photographs of this being built and of the final product and the children with bowls of porridge in their hands is another thing entirely. I felt incredibly proud of our children when I saw this.......Personally, this is very important to me for my children and I am thrilled at the overall work with and for Coco. It is wonderful that our children have had the opportunity to meet the guests today and I hope they have been inspired by these amazing people who are literally making the world better. I shall certainly be talking more to my boys about this to ensure they can see what is possible." Kelly Vinnicombe, Parent, Fellside Community Primary School

If you would like more details about an assembly or you would like to book one, please contact us on [email protected]



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