Bahati is 45 years old and lives with her 5 children in a small village called Kitanda in Southern Tanzania. Bahati excelled in a sustainable agriculture training course and has used her knowledge to apply to the cultivation of rice and maize. In doing so, Bahati has increased her yield from five sacks of rice to 20 sacks of rice and she has maize on top of this!

There is plenty of produce to meet hers and her children's needs. It is particularly important for Bahati to maintain a good diet as she is HIV positive. Having met the household needs, Bahati is able to sell her surplus produce to generate income.

“Before, the children had no uniform so they were sent home from school and told only to come back when they have uniform. My life has changed very much from selling enough rice; we now have enough food and my children are not getting into trouble for uniforms. I also feel stronger as I can afford medicine now.”

Bahati’s entrepreneurial spirit has also led her to earn a living by teaching people about sustainable agriculture, going door to door and farm to farm. To demonstrate her teaching skills, Bahati explained how to make compost.

"You did three metres down, put dried grass from maize in there, then sand, then grass and kitchen waste and, finally, cow dung. Then you cover with long grass and check with a stick to see when it is ready."

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