Belkmans is aged 18 and lives in Mpandangindo with his mother and his 2 younger siblings, both of whom are in nursery. His mother is a subsistence farmer and, unfortunately, none of the family know where Belkmans’ father is. Belkmans studies in Form Four at Lupunga Secondary School, which is a half-hour walk from his home.

“Without sponsorship I would not be here. I want to thank the people that put me here and do my best to be successful with the chance I have been given. I enjoy being in secondary school and feel very lucky to be here.”

In the future, Belkmans would like to become a lecturer of business. He explains that he thinks he will be able to achieve his wish as his current exam results are very good, adding that if he ever performs badly, his teachers help him to improve. Belkmans attributes a lot of his success to the headmaster of his school, “He is happy and wants us to get the best experience out of the school. The other teachers are great too.”

“I hope I will pass my exams and I am confident… I am doing well in class and very happy with my life”

Thanks to the Food for Fees programme becoming self-sustainable, many more people like Belkmans will be given the opportunity to realise their potential.

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