Hi my name is Chloe and I worked as an events volunteer between September 2015 and March 2016 and loved every minute!

I chose to volunteer at COCO because I am globally minded and was particularly interested in the ‘sustainable’ element to COCO’s work. COCO is a unique charity in the international development sphere.

As I am a law student at Newcastle University, and have a part time job, sometimes time to do what I want is compromised. However, luckily my University enabled me to incorporate working at COCO into my degree. Volunteering at COCO is credited as part of my degree as it fits nicely within a Careers Development Module which encourages students to work in order to help students think about the future.

Working at COCO has helped me no end. I’ve become familiar with information databases and gained confidence in communication for different purposes. I have helped to raise profile in the charity through social media and at Universities. I have also helped to maximise fundraising income and had a large role organising events such as the Annual Ball 2015 which was a celebration of 15 years of COCO’s life. Whilst I’ve been here I’ve been proud to see the Annual Ball raise more money than the previous year with fewer guests. Incredibly I have also seen Hoja Secondary win (for the fourth year in a row) the highest results in the region of 181 schools. An achievement that would not be possible without the hub of inspiring work that takes place in the small Newcastle office.

Initially surprised that such a small charity can have such a global reach I now understand it is not about the size of the charity but rather the manner and way in which the charity stretches its successful influence. In a tide of scepticism about the charity sector in general, I am proud to say I have worked for COCO. A charity which I believe has mastered the most incredible approach to work; it inspires people to give instead of forcing them.



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