Damas & Condrada

Damas and Condrada are siblings and next door neighbours, living in a village called Litisha, close to Songea in southern Tanzania. Damas and Condrada are both farmers who received training in sustainable agriculture training.

Since being trained in sustainable agriculture techniques, Damas has been able to increase his annual income from under 600,000TSH (approximately £214) each year, to around 3,750,000TSH (approximately £1340). An increase of more than six times! When Damas started to use sustainable agriculture techniques and realised that he could produce far greater crop yields, he decided to reinvest into his business. Rather than spending all of his income, Damas started to cultivate more land to enhance his future income.

As well as receiving sustainable agriculture training, Damas and Condrada also entered a cooperative providing access to a cow. Condrada explained the benefits of having access to a cow as ‘the three M’s… milk, money and manure!’ Selling milk and using manure to fertilise her crops has contributed to Condrada increasing her income from 100,000TSH (£36) to 750,000TSH (£268) each year.

Damas and Condrada each have four children. The additional income has they have been able to enroll their children into education and provide them with healthy, nutritious food and healthcare. Damas explains; “Before I was not able to afford things and now I can. For example, when any of my children are ill I can now definitely afford treatment for them.”

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