“Women are not weak trust us because WE CAN.”

Editha is 48 years old and a single mother of one son who is 27 years, and received a small loan from COCO to set up a business.

Before receiving her loan, she used to collect charcoal from Mpandangindo village and sell to town. However, the job made her ill and the doctor suggested she should not continue doing so. Advice from a friend lead her to joining IGP where she used the money to learn to tailor and bought a tailoring machine. After a few months, she rented a room to start the business and tailors for both women and men today.

With her profits, Editha has bought an iron sheet for roofing her mother’s house and cement for the floor. She also began agriculture activities of cultivating one acre of ginger.

In the future, Editha hopes to develop her business further by buying many African prints (Vitenge and Khanga) so that when her customers are in need of it, they can purchase it directly from her, hence profiting more. Furthermore, she plans to buy more tailoring machines to run needlework classes. She also expects to put more energy into agriculture activities.

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